A Seamless Telecom Network Covering Land, Air, and Water Areas, thermal Solutions for Satellite VSAT


Alongside the development of 5G, a better quality of communication is expected to rise to fulfill the public need for faster, more stable, and broader internet coverage. Satellite communication is used to provide internet access to remote regions—such as those with complex terrain, rural regions, and areas in the air and sea—where the installation of 5G base stations is still uncertain. The development of satellite-based telecommunication applications is currently booming, and these applications are compatible with existing 5G wireless systems, working together to provide better coverage to those areas without access to 5G networks.

Antenna systems, one part of the very small aperture terminal (VSAT) applications, receive microwave signals from satellites and transmit signals back to them as well as other ground stations, sub-applications, and outdoor and indoor units (ODU/IDU) that enable the equipment to process and relay signals to user terminals. The signal transmission is processed rapidly but also results in an intensely high and gradually increasing temperature. When this heat is unable to dissipate effectively, the systems overheats, which then generated thermal noise that further degrades the quality of the signal transmission. SUNON can design thermal solutions with highly thermal effectiveness and stability based on our clients’ system structures, aiming to solve thermal problems efficiently and in real time. We create custom total solutions for a variety of VSAT equipment and applications; and the range of solution is available with IP68 and GR487 high dust and water protection. This makes our solutions the optimal choice for all operating environments, whether they are in the air, in the sea, or on land.

SUNON offers totally customized design solutions for VSAT applications, always striving to maintain the highest quality of performance for the application’s operations. By applying SUNON’s comprehensive solutions for 5G and satellite-based telecommunications, our goal is to support the whole range of 5G mobile networks and operations to deliver better wireless broadband and services anywhere and everywhere.

SUNON constantly focuses on ESG practices. Firstly, we manage our business with the purpose of proactively developing energy-saving technologies and products, aiming to provide total thermal solutions and services to industries that are related to environmental sustainability. Besides, we are eager to go green internally, putting green supply chain management and smart manufacturing into practice, and we also build our workplaces with diversity, inclusion, and talent cultivation. Our staff is encouraged to participate in social events, such as advocating for environmental protection and caring for people with disadvantages. We are constantly taking actions to achieve our goal of long-term sustainability.

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