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Alternating Current Axial Fan Series: AC and EC Fans

SUNON’s alternating current axial fan series (AC and EC fans ranging from 60 mm to 250 mm) features constant airflow stability and durable thermal effectiveness. Fans in this series are suitable for industrial and commercial applications, such as HVAC, refrigeration, medical freezers, and more. In light of the recent move toward energy-saving product development, SUNON also provides a series of ECO-EC axial fans, adapting highly efficient motors and various control functions to achieve lower overall power consumption. Additionally, SUNON offers a variety of fans with reliable protections, including water- and dustproof ratings from IP21 to IP68 and ATEX-certified fans, suitable for use in harsh environments. SUNON is known for providing professional customer support, ensuring the longevity, safety, and reliability of our products, as well as high-quality, high-efficiency alternating current fan solutions to meet a multitude of thermal needs.


Full-Speed Control Functions
Achieving optimal thermal efficiency and energy utilization is crucial for alternating current fan applications such as HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial control systems. SUNON ECO-EC axial fans have built-in control circuits and functions based on the application system’s specific needs. For instance, signals transmitted via the fan’s built-in circuit to the system’s dashboard would display its thermal performance, and as a result, the system installing the fan with the PWM function can then efficiently adjust its thermal fan settings in real time to ensure no energy is wasted.

Optimum Impeller Design
SUNON EC fan performance is enhanced via professional design software used to simulate the optimum curvature and area of the fan blades and impellers. This advanced software is also used to aid in the design of different fan products with a wide range of airflow and speed levels.

MagLev Motor Technology
With SUNON’s outstandingly vertical MagLev System, the rotor of the MagLev EC fan can stably rotate on the MagLev fixed point. This MagLev orbit stabilizes the rotor's center of gravity, leading to significantly less wobbling and shaking. Such technology reduces the friction between the shaft and the VAPO sleeve in which the materials and the structure are strengthened to enhance its heat resistance, resulting in low noise, low vibration, and a long lifespan.

MagLev EC Fan Applications:
Commercial freezers and refrigerators, Household refrigerators, Machinery equipment and tools, Medical industry

Premium IP55- & IP68-Rated Fans
SUNON’s IP55-rated EC fans are ideal for commercial refrigerator and freezer operating environments where high humidity can lead to fan dysfunction, as their waterproof design ensures a durable and stable thermal performance. In contrast, SUNON’s IP68-rated EC fans are well suited for outdoor applications, such as energy storage systems and EV charging stations, because these motors are protected from dust damage, water damage, or corrosion from salt spray, even while operating in harsh environments and extreme weather. SUNON strives to offer the optimal IP-rated EC fan solutions based on our clients’ unique requests and needs.

Commercial freezers and refrigerators, Energy storage system, Outdoor EV charging stations

Explosion-Proof ATEX Certificate
SUNON carries a series of gas explosion-proof AC and EC fans, ATEX certified from the EU, and is also happy to assist with customized dust explosion protection design services. Fan solutions with explosion protections are crucial in potential gas- or dust-explosive environments, acting as the safety guard to the electrical equipment within. Firstly, CFCs in HCFC refrigerants adopted by conventional refrigeration methods are becoming less commonly used, as they are gradually being banned around the world in the wake of increased environmental impact awareness. The use of refrigerant in the refrigeration industry is undergoing a transformation, moving from traditional refrigerant to applying Freon-free, environmentally friendly refrigerants made of hydrocarbons. The innovative refrigerant utilized in modern refrigerators and freezers is relatively nonflammable when used at normal temperatures and pressure, but there is still the potential for explosions under less-than-ideal operating conditions. SUNON’s AC and EC fan solutions with ATEX compliance, on the other hand, consistently ensure the safety of refrigerators and freezers. Additionally, the use of a thermal fan with explosion protection is a requirement for most overseas markets. SUNON’s ATEX fans come with the “increased safety” distinction, meaning that the fan components are made to the highest quality to ensure increased security against increasing temperatures and sparks from electrical equipment, such as in energy storage systems and energy conversion equipment. Exposure to dangerous substances with combustible dust can create a potentially explosive atmosphere in most industrial operating environments and manufacturing processes, and these environments are where SUNON’s fans shine. With these high-quality safety features, we can assist clients in designing fan solutions with customized dust explosion protection to ensure safety.

Commercial refrigeration、Energy storage system、Energy conversion system、Industrials


High Safety & Reliability
Multiple International Safety Certificates
SUNON’s products are sold on every continent, and we know the importance of thermal solution safety for our clients in every part of the globe. We provide carefully created nonhazardous thermal solutions with high-quality protections and appropriate safety certificates for our overseas clients to meet various exportation requirements.

Enhanced Quality Optimization
SUNON EC fan blades are created by adapting the proper materials suitable for various system environments and strengthened by their entire blade structure, resulting in high product reliability. In addition, our fans with a universal voltage design (90V to 254V) via built-in chips are made for applications running on a wide variety of voltages, making them a convenient and high-quality solution for virtually any system.

Temperature Stability & Protection Design
SUNON EC fans’ design is suitable for the operating temperature of commercial refrigeration applications (-25℃ to +70℃). Additionally, we provide other EC fan solutions for ultra-low-temperature freezers (-40℃) where their thermal stability results in quick freezing speed. SUNON offers several temperature protection designs to ensure product reliability, and SUNON engineers consider electricity stability first and foremost in different operating environments. As a result, the fans have built-in circuits that can detect overheating or temperature issues in the systems, and the fans then automatically lower their speed or stop to prevent damage due to overheating. When the system breakdown is resolved, the fans return to normal operation shortly after. We also carefully consider the operational quality of our fans in high-temperature environments. Hence, our SUNON EC fan motors come equipped with Class F insulation (maximum winding temperature of 155℃) that effectively protects internal materials and components from aging decay due to high temperatures.

SUNON EC Fan Applications


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