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A fulfilling stay-at-home lifestyle

The entertainment industry is booming due to COVID-19. The stay-at-home economy and increased indoor activities have been developing in response to the salient changes in people's lifestyles that encourage them to seek luxurious, higher quality home and individual entertainment. Reports indicate that the demand for various sources of entertainment and the scale of gaming and eSports' market size is increasing, and with these changes in mind SUNON sees the opportunity to design our highly effective thermal solutions for those applications. The effectiveness of entertainment applications is only enhanced by using these solutions to make customers' leisure time joyful.

A huge amount of system heat is generated when an eSport PC, paired up with the other best gaming gear, works in a mode of high-performing computing. The heat can't be effectively dissipated, and the eSport computer will eventually struggle to keep up with the demands on its system. The SUNON fan series for eSport PC use, pairing high thermal effectiveness with an RGB color model setting, ensures the consistent enjoyment of games for eSports players. A strengthened Maglev motor design and a LED photomask to improve color rendering index (CRI) are also available to achieve a higher standard framerate during gameplay than the players'PCs would otherwise reach.

People who enjoy staying at home have much fun while playing video game consoles in their homes, and an expandable solid-state drive (SSD) is the key to storing that video game data efficiently. This determines the fluency of the game image on the screen, and the video game console storage as well as its flash memory capacity are enhanced with an SSD. System heat affects SSDs'read-and-write storage operation and spoils the players' enjoyment of the game. Applying an effective thermal solution to the heat problems can prevent failures such as system lag, crashes, and storage errors due to the drive overheating. SUNON's thermal solution for video game console's SSD use not only manages heat dissipation and ensures the optimal operating condition but the drive also operates efficiently, reducing the possibilities of delays, and therefore it ensures a carefree gaming session.

SUNON team members are experienced in heat dissipation problem-solving and thermal solution design. We can adeptly customize thermal solutions for a variety of home and individual entertainment applications and equipment to provide our gamer customers a fulfilling stay-at-home lifestyle.



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