Home Appliance

Silent Running sound and Cooling Performance

Our daily life is filled with all kinds of home appliances, these appliances are very close to human activities, so we have higher expectations of home appliance. Take the fans as an example, the high sound quality is what we expect. SUNON Ultra-Quiet fan series are introduced into the sound quality optimization process.
The sound quality of the fan has evolved from "conventional acoustics" to "psychoacoustic analysis”, creating a pleasant sound for the products. This series of fans are mainly used in black and white home appliance, even if it is in close contact with the product, it will not be Interference, only to give consumers the most comfortable enjoyment!


Our Strengths
11% more Silent Optimizing by airfoils and frames
30% more Energy-saving by using EC motor instead of conventional 2-phase motor
50% Lower Vibration by magnetic pole optimization
Better PQ Curve Performance to reach the highest efficiency by its silence and energy-saving


Excellent Sound Quality

Low Vibration & Power Saving

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