Behind the scenes of Smart Life

We live in an ever-changing world. The Internet not only shortens the distance between people but now it can build a bridge between people and objects. AIoT is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IOT (Internet of Things) is the communication between big data cloud and real objects. It is closely connected through network communication, data center and equipment in the base station scattered in all corners, they are busy processing, storage, and analysis of people's every message, resulting in continuous innovation of intelligent computing and communication technology, then allowing users to enjoy the new experience of a high-speed mobile network. The hot topics such as 3G, 4G, 5G make the processing speed faster and faster to reach the peak.

24-hours long fast transmission, continuous communication, agile computing, and to achieve energy-saving and adapt to harsh environments, those are big challenges for equipment. In order to provide the best cooling solution for AIoT and network communication equipment, SUNON builds a fan with high air volume, high air pressure, high IP protection, energy saving, fan detection and control for this industry, these micro fans create a milestone, offer you best cooling solution and allows you to make your smart life unimpeded and more convenient.


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