Home Ventilation

Ventilate Your Home with Fresh Air

In the beginning of 2015, SUNON provides a energy efficient solution for your home air, and creates a series of products such as DC fans, Flow2one air exchangers and ceiling fans. We offer you a brand-new ventilation option to make your home more fresh and comfortable.

Ideal Bathroom Ventilation Solution

SUNON's ventilation fans adopt DC motor, which saves 80% of power compared to AC motor fan, the high performance of DC motor can generates massive air volume which can remove the moisture and odor quickly, keep your space more fresh. The ultra-quiet performance makes our customers fall in love with this fans. The DC high-performance motor generates large air volume and pressurized design, which can quickly remove moisture and odors, and also refresh your bathroom space. The innovative design has subverted the traditional fence design, the clever panel design blends into the modern style, our ventilation fan product has won the German iF Product Design Award and Taiwan Excellence Award.

Home Oxygen Solution

Facing the serious problem of air pollution and smog, SUNON has designed Flow2one Air Exchanger series to fulfill your home's requirements. Under the concept of building an oxygenic, clean and healthy home, Flow2one can help exchange indoor and outdoor air, bring fresh air into your home space by filtering PM2.5.

Ceiling Fans Ventilation Solution

To stop climate change, saving energy matters become a latest trend nowadays. The use of large power appliances are restricted by the high cost of electricity, 1 air conditioner is equivalent to the power consumption of 20 ceiling fans, so it is completely possible to use fans when the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, the cooling performance will be the same as 1 air conditioner. Among all kinds of fan, the ceiling fan outclasses the others(table fan, standing fan, etc.) and generates the largest airflow under the same power consumption. Therefore, the US Department of Energy recommends using energy efficient appliances such as ceiling fans to improve home ventilation and adjust the indoor temperature, or you can use ceiling fan with air conditioner to reduce the cooling load.

SUNON's ceiling fans adopt the latest direct-drive motor technology, which ensure high efficiency and optimal cost-effectiveness. The curvilinear airfoils design creates a massive airflow at extremely low speeds, you can enjoy the quiet breeze and maximize your comfort at home.


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