5G Telecoms Base Stations X Networking

Co-creating the Future of Internet of Things (IoT)

Our goal for the coming 5G-era is a smart city blueprint; we want to construct a high speed, low latency network with broad connections. The innovations in global network architecture constantly contribute to advanced technology development in computational intelligence, and at the same time, there is a leap in the advancement of worldwide systems for mobile communications. Both front-end infrastructure coverage (such as base stations) and the operational stability of back-end networking systems are crucial to the highest quality of telecommunication transmission.

Within the entire 5G network architecture frame, having high-density 5G base station infrastructure builds a well-connected network, increasing broadband penetration and Internet coverage. Mass information and ongoing data flow are transmitted speedily between base stations in which the internal systems operate effectively and with high-performance computing. Additionally, the systems are required to be energy efficient and withstand challenging outdoor environments. Thermal management, therefore, is the key to the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the real-time base station operation.

Both indoor and outdoor telecom networks are installed everywhere to rapidly manage multiple tasks, such as: multi-access computing, information storage and analysis, received-from user equipment, and non-stop data flow control. Due to the limited internal spaces of the systems (with its complicated components set), heat generated does not easily dissipate. Without intervention, the inner temperature gradually rises and the effectiveness of the operational system decreases. Because thermal problems lead to operational breakdown, adopting a high-effective thermal solution is an efficient way to both ensure the entire 5G telecoms are in operation, and to prevent delay between the two-way communication transmissions.

SUNON offers a set of one-shop CMSEM customized design services to manufacture the best thermal solutions for 5G and satellite-based telecommunication applications. A range of thermal products, including active-, passive-, and liquid-cooling-modules, can be configured to produce highly effective, compact thermal solutions. By applying SUNON’s unbeatable technical services, we work with clients to build smart cities worldwide -- where global citizens enjoy high-speed transmission of data without latency, enhancing telecommunication efficiency that goes forward to the future of IoT.

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