Stable fan speed, Key components of air detection

Everyone needs to breathe 2,000 times a day. Do you feel safe in a polluted environment?
According to the “White Paper on China's Air Purifier Industry", the proportion of users use air purification products is reach up to 40%, and the proportion of consumers born 1980 and 1990 is more than 80%. I.A.Q. (Indoor Air Quality) products have now become an essential houseware among every family.

The air detection sensor in the air purification product is a key component that can help air diversion, intake and remove stale air, detect airborne particles, PM2.5, and other pollutants. A fan with precise speed control allows the sensor performs more accurately, with the development of smart products, IAQ related products such as air conditioners, air cleaners, and negative ion machines combine a large amount of data detected by high-precision sensors to provide instant air purification and make our life more comfortable.

Widely-used products in the market

SUNON fans product is aimed at smaller, thinner, low power consumption, low vibration, low noise, and extra design. The sensor used in the fan is provided with IP dustproof and waterproof for special environments, also good for long-term use. This makes our fan life is three times longer than the standard fan life, durable and stable speed makes air detection more accurate.
The speed tolerance is generally about 25% for small fans, but SUNON'S fan can minimize the speed tolerance to 10% and also reduce environmental pollution.

Fan Applications

Voice Quality Optimization


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