Renewable Energy

Be fearless to face all challenges

Energy transition to green low-carbon has become a growing trend in future due to global warming. According to IEA report, it estimates that there is an increase in the portion of renewable power generated from 25% in 2018 to 32% in 2024, accounting for the total amount of global electricity.

Eager to achieve carbon reduction, global leaders are now heavily encouraging electric vehicle (EV) use and heavily investing in establishing EV charging stations. The effectiveness of EV charging equipment helps drive EV purchases and greatly improves EV users’ recharging convenience, which are just two benefits to the advancement of the charging technology. EV charging stations consist of multiple battery modules and their structure is highly complex; a well-designed thermal solution with a spoiling function is required to enhance the charging efficiency and the safety of the fast charging operation.

Having an excellent thermal system is the key to stably maintain the operation of energy storage systems. A large amount of heat is produced because of high-power electrical energy conversion and energy storage operation. Those systems are overheating that leads to power conversion ineffectiveness or a risk of system crush, which cause additional power and cost loss. Selecting an optimal thermal solution ensures the operation stability and high system effectiveness, and it also minimizes unnecessary maintenance costs.

SUNON offers a wide range of thermal products including fans and cooling modules. High-effective GF/PF fan series can be customized with the highest level of dust and water protection: IP68, and also with anti-salt corrosion: GR487.

Custom design cooling modules and a full range of technological assessment service, as the optimization of thermal solution, are available for all our clients. SUNON satisfies all thermal requirements for ESS and EV charging stations and PV inverter and other renewable energy systems operating in harsh environments.


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