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SUNON has many years of experience in motor cooling fan, and our products have a wide range of applications in various fields. SUNON is recognized and trusted by worldwide customers.

SUNON Company Profile 2024

SUNON, established in 1980, has built its sale and service networks worldwide, and has become one of the TOP 3 fan manufacturers in the world. We've filed over 3,300 patents on motor technology. SUNON designs, manufactures, and supplies a wide variety of thermal fans, as well as cooling solutions such as liquid cooling modules. Our products can be used in various applications. SUNON is determined to offer the latest thermal technology that can fulfill the requirements of hi-tech products; we also are focused on the development of ESG, proactively developing power-saving and green products and technology, and thus we aim to provide total thermal solutions and services to green-related industries, putting the sustainable development goals into practice...

Turn Off Your Lights to Support Earth Hour 60 & for Earth Sustainability 2024


SUNON is focusing on the development of power-saving technology and thermal design that meet outdoor application requirements. The IP fan series can be applied to a variety of outdoor applications as well as to the systems operating in extreme weather and 24/7 working environments...


The EC axial fan series is built with a brushless DC motor but can run on AC supply but with far greater efficiency. The range is available with IP21 and IP55 dust- and water-protection making it the ideal choice for a variety of applications and equipment operating in different environments such as commercial refrigeration and HVAC. SUNON can customize the best thermal control and energy-efficient technologies to the fan design to meet our clients’ requirement for their systems.

SUNON thermal solution for 5G application going forward the future of Internet of Things (IoT)

SUNON provides the best thermal solutions to a whole range of telecommunication applications, including various cooling modules and fans in a variety of compact designs. The modules have been widely applied in the 5G industry, due to their high-grade thermal effectiveness, and secure low latency during the continuous mass transmission of information, so that the quality of communication is enhanced to build smart cities for the new future.

The Introduction of SUNON Comprehensive Thermal Module

SUNON offers one-stop thermal solution service that includes the manufacture of various cooling modules and thermal configurations, all varieties. Complimentary design services are available for developing optimal thermal structure depending on system applications in order to satisfy clients’ thermal needs and also to achieve the highest thermal efficiency.

SUNON, A Fan Expert in Active Air Solutions

As an expert in solving thermal and ventilation problems, we always provide various fan products to all clients in different industries. To satisfy all thermal and ventilation requirements, we are determined to offer high-effective fan products with various sizes, ranging from 0.8 cm to 7 m.

Global Networks

SUNON has established its business headquarters in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and set up various branches and offices in Europe, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and other places. These, together with its more than 100 distributors throughout the world and some 1000 sales & service sites, constitute a large customer service and technical support network that covers five continents of the world.
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